About Christopher

Christopher found himself with a camera in hand at an early age but it was not until high school where the spark happened. Building a pin hole camera from an oatmeal can during a photography unit in art class his junior year, Christopher was captivated by the darkroom process and the way the image "magically" appeared on the paper after it seemed the moment was lost but to memory. 

It was this mixture of curiosity and creativity that pushed Christopher to purse a degree in studio art. After a life changing year studying abroad in Florence Italy at the Studio Art Center International (SACI), Christopher returned home with a greater understanding of his creative catalysts and set out to tell stories through photography. 

A little more than a decade after the first photos of his high school stairs revealed themselves in the darkroom, Christopher has methodically captured moments that others seem to pass over without a thought. It is this keen attention to his surroundings that drives Christopher to explore and find himself out standing in both the familiar and the unknown restlessly searching for the moments that truly stand out. 

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Change is the only constant. Christopher Doyle's OUT/STANDING Photography immortalizes impermanent moments in our world and tells the stories of the people, places and things frozen in the frame.   

From the mountain tops of the High Sierra's to the sandy shores of Cape Cod, the geological formations of Iceland to Imperial Japan, Christopher has found himself out standing in some of the worlds most unique spaces. Christopher draws inspiration from the minute to minute changes around him knowing that being grounded in the present of humble observation, he will gain a greater understanding of his place in the world. 

OUT/STANDING is Christopher's way of paying tribute to the people and places that have shaped him into who he has become today and by pouring their stories into other peoples buckets, he hopes to give perspective to others who have yet to experience the same. 

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